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The latest update from JuryStar for iPad

JuryStar iPad app“Jury Star 2.0 is head and shoulders above any other app or program for selecting juries. JuryStar is practical, much more flexible and user friendly.” -Lary Sisson, Mimura Law Office

In case you missed it, last month, another major update rolled out for JuryStar.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new in our jury selection iPad app. Continue reading


Theme-Based Voir Dire

by Russell S. Humphrey

Don’t Pick a Jury.  Persuade a Jury.

Would you like to win more jury trials? If you are a typical trial attorney in the United States the obvious answer is yes. Of course you would like to win more often. Who wouldn’t? However, the real question is not whether you want to win more, rather, how can you win more? The answer to this question may be simpler than you think. In fact, the answer undoubtedly lies with the twelve strangers you pick to act as trial jurors in your case. The answer to better results lies with the jury. Pick a better jury and get Continue reading

Opening Statements: A Recipe for Success

On Tuesday, August 7, from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m (EST), personal injury attorney Andrew J. Smiley presented a live Lawline.com webinar entitled “Opening Statements-A Recipe for Success.” If you have never participated in a live webinar, you missed a great one! It  is convenient and affordable, unless of course free doesn’t work for you. This course will count as 3.0 “Professional Practice” Credits for New York Bridge the Gap.

From Lawline.com

Mr. Smiley discusses the techniques for preparing and delivering a powerful opening statement in various types of cases.  You will learn how to manage weaknesses and strengths in your case during an opening statement and how to set the framework for a successful trial from the outset.  This course will be useful for all trial attorneys whether preparing for your first trial or your hundredth trial.” Continue reading

Trial Preparation for Prosecutors

by Boyd Patterson, Jr.

Attitudes forged in track and field stadiums, baseball practice centers, and gymnastics arenas often facilitate success in other professions. Several years ago, I witnessed such an attitude during a luncheon featuring a speaker who won a gold medal at the Paralympics. I expected the inspiring words regarding overcoming life’s tragedies. The professional advice came as a total surprise. However, after a matter-of-fact description about how a house fire literally burned the appendages off of his torso, the champion spoke of the grueling training regimen that won him the gold medal. He spoke of his observation that every competitor at the highest level possesses the will to win. In that elite pack, the star athletes stand out because of their will to PREPARE to win.

Ninety-five percent of what happens in a jury trial hinges upon Continue reading

Witness preparation for trial: Is your witness better than a first grader?

We wanted to share this memorable demonstration about witness preparation for trial brought to you by Law Professor Wes Porter (and future Professor Porter!):

Professor Porter is our Twitter friend (@WRPspdADVOCACY), and he is doing important work implementing practical skills in law school. As director of the Litigation Center at the ABA accredited Golden Gate University School of Law, he and his colleagues recently completed their summer immersion program for law students who want to become litigators. Called “1st STEP,” plans are underway to open the Summer Trial and Evidence Program to other law students in 2013. You can learn more about this innovative program here, and join Professor Porter’s conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #practicalskillsinlawschool.