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The Best of LITIG8R TECH in 75 days

It is my pleasure to share with you our top 8 most popular posts since we launched the LITIG8R TECH™ blog 75 days ago:

8. Touchtype portrait mode, Brydge your iPad plus other keyboard solutions -This article offers iPad keyboard solutions and links to online threads on this popular topic.

7. Solo Practice University -My interview with Solo Practice University Founder and CEO Continue reading


2012 Lawconomy CLE Conference presented by Lawline.com

Ben Stein Are we headed for another economic collapse? Join keynote speaker Ben Stein, with vital insights from experts Roger Arnold, Chief Economist for ALM Advisors, and Dr. Bart A. Basi, Business Law Specialist, for the Lawconomy CLE Conference, Wednesday, October 17, 6-9 p.m. (EST) to explore ‘A Global Analysis of Key Laws Affecting the Economy in the 2012 Election Year.’ Continue reading

Opening Statements: A Recipe for Success

On Tuesday, August 7, from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m (EST), personal injury attorney Andrew J. Smiley presented a live Lawline.com webinar entitled “Opening Statements-A Recipe for Success.” If you have never participated in a live webinar, you missed a great one! It  is convenient and affordable, unless of course free doesn’t work for you. This course will count as 3.0 “Professional Practice” Credits for New York Bridge the Gap.

From Lawline.com

Mr. Smiley discusses the techniques for preparing and delivering a powerful opening statement in various types of cases.  You will learn how to manage weaknesses and strengths in your case during an opening statement and how to set the framework for a successful trial from the outset.  This course will be useful for all trial attorneys whether preparing for your first trial or your hundredth trial.” Continue reading