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The Best of LITIG8R TECH in 75 days

It is my pleasure to share with you our top 8 most popular posts since we launched the LITIG8R TECH™ blog 75 days ago:

8. Touchtype portrait mode, Brydge your iPad plus other keyboard solutions -This article offers iPad keyboard solutions and links to online threads on this popular topic.

7. Solo Practice University -My interview with Solo Practice University Founder and CEO Continue reading


Solo But Not Alone: iPad as Personal Assistant

Heather Hale

Solo practitioner and iPad enthusiast Heather Hale

by Heather Hale

At 7:30 a.m. I walk into an empty office. There are no paralegals, senior partners or associates. It isn’t a holiday or the weekend, just a typical Tuesday for a solo practitioner. The idea of going it alone can be daunting to newly minted lawyers, and rightly so. There is no one to provide guidance and oversight, no one to answer the phone while you meet with a client, not even someone to make a Starbucks run. With my iPad, however, solo doesn’t feel so isolated to me, although I do still have to get my own coffee. Continue reading