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The Best of LITIG8R TECH: Year One

TOP G8RIt is my pleasure to share with you our top 8 most popular posts during the past year of LITIG8R TECH:

8. Capture ideas on the go with Index Card for iPad, iPhone -This article written by recent law school graduate Ben Beasley is an accompanying piece to his most popular post and our #2 top post of all-time about the Scrivener app. Continue reading

Happy App-ing: Top Three iPad Apps for your iPractice

Heather Hale

iPractitioner Heather Hale

by Heather Hale

As primary decision maker of any business, particularly a law firm, and especially a solo practice, my job is made significantly easier when someone else narrows down the choices for me. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available in iTunes these days it can be a daunting task for even the most tech-savvy among us to decide what’s useful and what’s not. Certainly there is some degree of trial and error (pun intended) to the process, and unfortunately for me, as a one-woman-show I rarely have the luxury of someone else narrowing it down. The good news for you is that you have me. Continue reading

iPractice: 16 Tips and Apps for Lawyers with iPhones and iPads

Between January 2011 and January 2012, iPhone adoption among lawyers grew from 31 percent to 44 percent. According to attorney Jeff Richardson who has written about the 2012 American Bar Association (ABA) Legal Technology Report, “if an attorney is using a smartphone, there is about a 50-50 chance that he or she is using an iPhone.” With the iPhone 5 launch earlier this month Continue reading

iPad Trajectory: What’s next?

I will not muse about “the next iPad,” the iPad mini, the iPad Air (my personal favorite concept!) or the iPad 4. Instead, I will look at a few of the ways Apple is strengthening its mobile muscle even more by leveraging additional productivity features to the iPad–with and without the help of strategic friends.

I know. The much anticipated iPhone 5 launch just happened, so why in the world am I writing about iPads? Well, Continue reading

Apps for Litigators & Trial Teams

Litigator apps™

Always a work in progress, this resource was most recently updated: 1/29/14

Learning about the latest legal apps may be a time-consuming task until a LAW or LEGAL category is added to the App Store. And with Apple changing its App Store search algorithm periodically, it seems even more difficult to uncover appropriate apps for attorneys, unless you already know the precise app name. In an effort to save time for busy litigators and trial teams, we have compiled a solid app list here with links to the App Store where you can read descriptions, view screenshots, go to the developer website, learn about support and more. There is also a listing of apps geared for future litigators entitled Law Students.

We are pleased to introduce Litigator apps in ALPHA ORDER (with brief description), BY CATEGORY and a LAW STUDENTS section (with brief description).

ALPHA ORDER with brief description

  1. ABA Journal -law industry publication
  2. Above the Law-Legal News
  3. AllLaw-Federal & state legal reference
  4. American Arbitration-view rules, codes and protocols
  5. The American Lawyer –monthly magazine by Law.com
  6. The Bill of the Rights
  7. Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition
  8. Bouvier Law Dictionary, Compact Edition
  9. BT Chat HDdiscreetly chat via bluetooth or wi-fi
  10. Casefolio-mobile legal review
  11. CaseManager-case management
  12. CFR Live! Lite-Code of federal regs
  13. CLE Master–CLE tracking, reporting for multiple states
  14. CLE Mobile–4,500+ CLE Courses avail. for subscribers
  15. Client File-client manager
  16. Crimes and Criminal Procedure-Title 18 United States Code
  17. Crime and Trials-new and info
  18. Corporate Counsel-business issues & legal affairs
  19. Court Days Pro–Rules-based Calendaring
  20. CourtLink–review/track federal & state court docket, new cases
  21. Courtroom Objections
  22. Constitution
  23. Constitution and Federalist Papers
  24. Constitution for iPad
  25. The Deponent–deposition preparation
  26. Dictamus-Dictate and send
  27. DocketLaw-Calculate event dates based on Federal Rules
  28. DRI Events–Defense Bar events
  29. eDiscovery Assistant
  30. The Essential Law Dictionary
  31. Exhibit A–your exhibits anytime, anywhere
  32. ExhibitView–PC/iPad compatible trial presentation tool
  33. EyeTrial-courtroom presentation
  34. EyeTrial Lite
  35. Fastcase–Case Law
  36. FedCtRecords
  37. Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
  38. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  39. Federal Rules of Evidence
  40. Federal Sentencing Guidelines – Tekk Innovations
  41. Federal Sentencing Guidelines – Ambay Software
  42. Free Law Dictionary
  43. GoodReader-document reviewer
  44. Go – Lawyer Jokes HD
  45. HeinOnline 2012-image-based legal research database
  46. HD USA LAWS –encyclopedia of U.S. laws
  47. iBillable Hours–designed for lawyers
  48. iCLE–manage courses, ratings and unfinished tasks
  49. iClient for Attorneys – Lite-client manager
  50. iClient for Attorneys–full client manager
  51. iCVNet-instant viewing depositions, transcripts
  52. idocument REVIEW– review documents on the go
  53. Index Card-corkboard writing app
  54. iJuror–Jury selection
  55. iJuror – Stickies
  56. iJury–Jury selection
  57. iLaw Dictionary
  58. IP Law Daily-IP Law Daily subscription
  59. iPleading–mobile litigation template generator
  60. iTestimony–Track witness info
  61. iTimeKeep-integrated billing system
  62. ITrial-case information
  63. iWriteLegal-legal writing app
  64. Jury Duty–Jury selection
  65. JuryPad-Jury selection
  66. JuryTracker–track the jurors during trial
  67. JuryStar-Jury selection
  68. Jury Strike-Jury selection
  69. The Language of Law-legal terms flashcard replacement
  70. LawBox-mobile law library
  71. Law Dictionary: FT
  72. Law Help-legal terms
  73. The Law Guide -from TheLaw.com
  74. LawLibe-Law library
  75. Law Practice Magazine by the American Bar Association
  76. LawStack–Federal rules, statues, regs
  77. Law Technology News
  78. Lawyer Jokes HD
  79. Legal Edge-by JDSupra.com
  80. Legal IT Insider Newsletter
  81. Legal Terms 1000
  82. Legal Terms Dictionary
  83. Legal Viewer-PDF viewer
  84. Lexis Advance™ HD–Legal research
  85. Lexis Legal News Briefs –legal, business, financial news
  86. LexisNexis Accurint® Mobile-mobile investigative tool
  87. LexisNexis Get Cases & Shepardize®
  88. LexisNexis Legal News –Daily legal news
  89. Litigation-by American Bar Association
  90. Litigation Management-magazine
  91. Litigator–state & federal regulations
  92. LoisLaw-case law
  93. Masters Legal Latin-fun way to learn important legal phrases
  94. Manual for USA-1st ed.–Fed. rules, statues, regs
  95. Mealey’s Legal News-top litigation news
  96. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law
  97. MobiLit-court presentations
  98. MobileLaw-mobile law library
  99. The Mobile Lawyer Toolkit
  100. Mobile Transcript -review/edit deposition/transcripts, track time
  101. myCLE New York
  102. myCLE Texas
  103. My Legal Projects–for legal research projects
  104. My Voir Dire –jury selection
  105. My Legal Writing Coach: Memos-legal memo writing
  107. NACDL Edge-National Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  108. The National Law Journal-legal weekly publication
  109. NEJM iPad Edition-The New England Journal of Medicine
  110. Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary
  111. OpenRegs-Federal Register
  112. Oral Argument
  113. Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary
  114. OyezToday HD–Info, media re: US Supreme Court
  115. Picture It Settled -mediation app
  116. PocketJustice HD–text & multimedia from Oyez Project
  117. Pocket US Code of Federal Regulations-US Federal code
  118. PLI Mobile CLE-Practicing Law Institute
  119. PUSH legal-mobile and desktop law library
  120. Ratchet Law-curated legal intelligence
  121. Real Time Congress–latest legislation & news from D.C.
  122. Rocket Matter-time and billing software
  123. Rulebook–Federal and State Court rules
  124. Search4-Pocket Prosecutor
  125. Second Chair Mobile Jury-jury selection
  126. Simplenote-notes, lists, ideas
  127. Smart Dockets-legal calendaring and more
  128. smartLeges-U.S. Constitution, The Articles of Confederation, more
  129. TextMap-transcript management
  130. Thomson Reuters ProView-eBook platform for legal ref. materials
  131. Time Master + Billing
  132. TrialDirector-trial presentation
  133. TrialEvidence-ref. guide for courtroom evidentiary foundations
  134. TrialPad–to prepare and present your case
  135. TranscriptPad–transcript review
  136. TrialTouch–cloud-based trial presentation tool for subscribers
  137. TrialWorks-case management
  138. U.S. Code-Shawn Bayern
  139. U.S. Constitution – Fitz Collings
  140. US Constitution–legal research via search engine in docs
  141. USLAW 24/7-Network of Lawyers/Law Firms
  142. Westlaw Case Notebook -annotate e-transcripts
  143. WestlawNext–legal research
  144. Westlaw Portfolio-legal resources
  145. Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant–reference tool

BY CATEGORY (some apps fall into more than one category)








LAW STUDENTS with brief description

  1. BARBRI-bar and law exam prep
  2. Bar ExamEdge: Library
  3. BarMax MPRE-bar exam prep course
  4. BarMax MPRE Pro
  5. Case Briefs-briefs, outlines, exam prep
  6. Emanuel Law in a Flash 1L Courses
  7. JuryStar® Law Student-jury selection
  8. The Language of Law-legal term flashcards
  9. Law in a Flash: 2L+3L Courses
  10. Law in a Flash: Law Electives
  11. Law School Dojo HD-law quiz game
  12. Law School Dojo – Civ Pro-civil procedure game
  13. Law School Dojo Intl Law-International law
  14. Law School Q&A Series-exam prep
  15. LexisNexis® Law School Q&A Series
  16. My Legal Writing Coach: Memos-legal memo writing
  17. Sum and Substance; Contracts by Professor Douglas Whaley
  18. Sum and Substance; Constitutional Law by Professor Mary Cheh
  19. Sum and Substance; Criminal Law by Professor Joshua Dressler
  20. Sum and Substance; Real Property by Professor Julian C. Jurgensmeyer
  21. Themis Bar Review
  22. Torts: Supreme Bar Review
  23. Wolters Kluwer 1L Q&A
  24. Wolters Kluwer MBE Law in a Flash




  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Box
  3. Cardmunch-Contacts
  4. CloudOnMicrosoft Office
  5. Documents by Readdle
  6. Dropbox-cloud-based file management system
  7. Dictamus-records & sends audio
  8. Evernote
  9. EverReaderPro
  10. Genius Scan
  11. Mobile International Law-Thomson Reuters
  12. GoodReader
  13. GoToMeeting
  14. iAnnotate PDF: Good Dynamics Edition
  15. Instapaper
  16. Keynote-Apple version of PowerPoint
  17. LinkedIn
  18. Mint-budgeting app
  19. Mr. Reader-news aggregator
  20. Office² HD-Word (tracks changes), Excel and PowerPoint
  21. PDF Expert
  22. Notability-note-taking
  23. Noteshelf -note-taking
  24. Pages-Apple version of Word
  25. Prezi Viewerpresentation app
  26. Teleprompt+
  27. Quickoffice Pro HD -Microsoft Office


Helpful eBooks/Books here and reviews of iPad and iPhone legal apps by iPhoneJD.

To find legal iPad apps for certain states, simply search in the App Store under that state name to help narrow your search results. There are simply too many state-oriented legal apps to include here. Find state-specific legal apps and more by ALM and Tekk Innovations.

If you know about an app that would appeal to litigators, trial teams and law students considering litigation, please contact us. We will continue to keep this list updated, and we have made it a PAGE on this blog entitled “Litigator Apps” for easy access anytime.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a resource. Inclusion in this list does not mean we endorse or guarantee the applications or resources. Please conduct your own research before downloading any app or ebook onto your device.