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CLE Drill Down with Monica Bay

Monica Bay, editor-in-chief, Law Technology News Photo by Maggie Soladay

I am honored to share my interview with legal tech rock star Monica Bay. Bay is a member of the California Bar and editor-in-chief of ALM’s Law Technology News. A graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Law, she served as vice-chair of the ABA’s Law Student Division in 1981-82, the first part-time student elected a national officer. She won the ABA Law Practice Management section’s 2003 Edge award for her article “Dealing with the Media.”

Nancy Patterson (NP): I enjoyed learning that you were a solo practitioner for a couple years. What is your earliest memory of earning CLEs?

Monica Bay (MB): It’s a long story, but my pre-law school investigative reporting Continue reading


The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success

The American Bar Association is introducing a new CLE webinar for the mobile legal professional using the iPad. The session, entitled “The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success” will  be held on Friday, November 16, 2012, from 1:00 –  2:30 p.m. Eastern. According to the ABA website, 1.5 CLE credits have been requested for this program. Watch and learn with this interactive live demonstration as premier iPad expert Scott Grossberg uses his own device to: Continue reading

2012 Lawconomy CLE Conference presented by Lawline.com

Ben Stein Are we headed for another economic collapse? Join keynote speaker Ben Stein, with vital insights from experts Roger Arnold, Chief Economist for ALM Advisors, and Dr. Bart A. Basi, Business Law Specialist, for the Lawconomy CLE Conference, Wednesday, October 17, 6-9 p.m. (EST) to explore ‘A Global Analysis of Key Laws Affecting the Economy in the 2012 Election Year.’ Continue reading

The back story on Lawline.com:

A one-stop shop to earn and present CLEs

An interview with Lawline.com President David Schnurman by Nancy Patterson of LITIG8R TECH

Lawline.comDavid Schnurman is driven, creative, optimistic and above all, a life-long learner. He is an attorney, entrepreneur and also a very nice guy who puts “taking time to help others” as a core value for his impressive company, Lawline.com.

Lawline.com is not only a leader in providing online Continuing Legal Education for attorneys, but they are also way out front in the e-learning revolution. In early 2011, Lawline.com became the first CLE provider to stream video courses onto mobile devices. In addition, Lawline.com has also partnered with bar associations, law schools, and CLE providers across the country in order to provide its customers with the highest quality programming. Although the company has issued more than a million paid CLE certificates to date, their entire CLE library is available for free; you only pay when you need to earn CLEs. It is also a wonderful community to teach, and as a bonus, faculty receive all their CLE courses for free.

On behalf of LITIG8R TECH, I am honored to share our recent conversation with David Schnurman.

LITIG8R TECH: Lawline was founded in 1983 as a live legal talk show by Alan Schnurman. Mr. Schnurman is a distinguished entrepreneur, trial attorney, author, lecturer and, of course, your father. What was it like growing up with the “Larry King of Law” for a father? Continue reading

Solo Practice University:

An educational and professional networking community of learners for law students and lawyers who want to go solo

An interview with Solo Practice University Founder and CEO Susan Cartier Liebel by Nancy Patterson of LITIG8R TECH

Solo Practice University logo
Susan Cartier Liebel is passionate about changing the way law schools educate their students and the way the legal community receives solos and small firms. A former solo practitioner and small firm owner, she understands first-hand the issues facing law school graduates and attorneys who are considering going solo or small firm. Today, she is the sole proprietor of a growing online educational and professional networking e-learning community called Solo Practice University®. Approaching their 1,000th subscriber [UPDATE: 1,000th member achieved 09/05/2012], Solo Practice University (SPU) was founded in 2009 as the only online educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students wanting to go solo or small firm. The seed for SPU was planted years earlier while Liebel was teaching a law school class entitled How to Hang a Shingle Right Out of Law School. We caught up with Susan recently:

LITIG8R TECH: How different is the syllabus for your How to Hang a Shingle Right Out of Law School Continue reading