Ben Beasley

I was introduced to Ben Beasley by our contributor Heather Hale who went to law school with Ben and describes him as “an absolute tech guru!” Ben recently moved from Atlanta to the Charleston-area. He has always been interested in using technology to access and connect information, especially as applied to legal research and writing. Ben plans to go into appellate practice. His first article was about Scrivener, a writing application for outlining, editing and story-boarding complex projects. It was such a popular post, Ben responded with a follow-up piece on a complimentary app called Index Card.

Heather Hale

HeatherHale crop

Heather Hale is an Atlanta-area solo practitioner specializing in immigration services and international adoptions. She has a passion for enhancing client and colleague relationships through technology. I met Heather during the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago at the “Developing your iPractice: How Lawyers are using the iPhone and iPad” session. Heather’s first article, Solo But Not Alone: iPad as Personal Assistant, was very popular, and I look forward to reading Heather’s upcoming articles offering iPad tips and apps for solo practitioners. A popular article by Heather is Happy App-ing: Top Three iPad Apps for your iPractice. She is also writing a serious of articles on Apps for Law Practice Management, an area of growing interest to Heather.

 Russell Humphrey


Russell S. Humphrey is a trial lawyer and jury trial consultant who focuses on state and federal criminal law as well as civil rights litigation, advocating for persons with disabilities. He is the co-creator of the Theme-Based Approach to Jury Trial Advocacy and a principal in the jury trial consulting firm Theme-Based Trial Advisors focusing on criminal law and jury trials. I met Russell while researching CLEs for litigators on where he is on the faculty. I look forward to Russell exploring Theme-based Voir Dire and other useful trial tips and techniques.

Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin is a native New Yorker and a third-year law student who is happy to be studying law right where it’s made, in Washington DC. She is interested in commercial law and civil litigation. She enjoys learning how to cook and loves exploring NYC and DC. Stephanie blogs about the law school experience at Apparent Authority as well as My Life as A Third Year Law Student here on LITIG8R TECH. Recently, she became a writer-in-residence over at Ms. JD where she is writing about women mentors in the legal profession. Speaking of, you can read Stephanie’s interview with author of Best Friends at the Bar here. You may be interested to know I met Stephanie on Twitter.

Caitlin “Cat” Moon

Cat Moon headshot

Cat Moon is a fifth generation attorney practicing in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Although just up the road from me, I actually “met” Cat on Twitter.  As I recall, we were both tweeting about the release of the new iPad mini. Cat tells me she’s a bit obsessed with bringing the practice of law into the 21st century using technology, innovation and creativity. She also says she couldn’t function without her Apple products–five and counting. (We understand.) Cat regularly posts at Inspired Law Practice and produces CLE workshops for iLaw Practice.

Boyd Patterson

Boyd Patterson

Boyd Patterson, Jr. is an Assistant District Attorney who has tried more than 50 jury trials, created the JuryStar for iPad jury selection app and previously served as the anti-Gang Task Force Coordinator in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is the author of Trial Guide: 404(b) Evidence by Topic, 2nd edition (Tennessee). Boyd and I met during college in 1989, and for the record, I picked him up–literally. His old car had broken down! We’ve been married since 1994 and are raising our two children and black lab mix in beautiful Chattanooga.

Would you like to become a contributor to LITIG8R TECH? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me to submit your topic ideas.

– Nancy Patterson


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