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Oyez Opening Appellate Courts: Knight Foundation Winner

Today the Knight Foundation News Challenge awarded more than $3 million dollars to civic innovators for government good. One of the winners was The Oyez Project, recipient of $600,000 for opening appellate courts information. According to, “now 20 years old, the project will use the funding to expand from Supreme Court cases to state supreme and federal appellate courts. Continue reading

Ease the process of complex writing projects with Scrivener

11106057-homepage-sliced_04by Ben Beasley

Scrivener is a writing application (for Mac and Windows) that combines a word processor with project management software, allowing you to create, structure, and edit any number of documents or reports within a single case file. The real benefit to lawyers is that you can also pull all research and client/case information into the same file. That is, Scrivener allows an attorney to keep all the information and content relevant to a particular client or area of law in the same place. Continue reading

The Digital Lawyer in a Mobile Era

Push Legal App“The dot com revolution of the 1990s pales in comparison to the app revolution currently underway,” asserts Boyd Patterson, creator of JuryStar which was nominated as a 2012 best trial prep iPad app by The National Law Journal. A former insurance defense attorney and former prosecutor, Patterson recognizes that “professional apps, designed by actual professionals in the field, are driving the next phase in the digital era. Medical apps designed  by doctors, accounting apps designed by accountants, and legal apps designed by lawyers.”

Push Legal creator Jonathan J. Paull exemplifies “legal apps designed by lawyers.” His innovative platform of annotated deskbooks is available as a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, and also comes as a desktop web application. A solo litigator in the Law Office of Jonathan J. Paull in Houston, he believes Continue reading

Gender in the Courtroom: Myth vs. Reality

This article is co-authored by Alison Wong and Blaine McElroy. Alison Wong is a Senior Consultant in DecisionQuest’s Houston office. She has a background in both psychology and sociology, and received her JD from the University of Texas School of Law. Ms. Wong has considerable experience in research activities and her clients rely on her for strategic recommendations and storyline development. Blaine McElroy is a Research Associate, also in DecisionQuest’s Houston office. Mr. McElroy focuses on jurors’ decision pathways; the individual and group dynamics that present tactical actions or arguments used to manipulate or influence others.

In order to zealously represent their clients, trial teams increasingly find themselves questioning every detail of their strategy. No detail is too small to go unnoticed, not even the gender of the advocates. The most common concerns voiced by trial teams are that jurors will view assertive female attorneys as too aggressive, shrill, or overbearing. Paradoxically, others worry that female attorneys who express their femininity will be viewed as weak or ineffectual. These competing concerns from attorneys and clients place a great deal of pressure on female advocates to walk a very thin line – be tough, but not too tough; be feminine, but don’t be a doormat – but what do jurors really think? Continue reading

Accessible Jury Consulting

While hiring a jury consultant can be a budget consideration, the value is never clearer than when a client should have retained one but could not because of cost. Web Jury Consulting, through a revolutionary partnership with DecisionQuest, the largest and most respected jury consulting firm in the U.S., is bringing the valuable services of professional trial consultants to the cases of clients who would otherwise be unable to retain such expertise.

DecisionQuest is a household name, and I had confidence in using the [web jury consulting] service as a result. Our DecisionQuest consultant was helpful, providing insightful information… and I will use the service again.” Ted Holt, Maynard, Cooper & Gale: Ranked “Top Law Firm” by Fortune Magazine (2012). Continue reading