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Curated Legal Intelligence by Ratchet Law App

ratchetlogoReleased on the app store yesterday, Ratchet Law delivers the legal news that matters to you in an iPad application.

Highlights from the app store description:

Ratchet Law does the work for you by analyzing thousands of top legal news sources to find the most relevant and interesting articles for your practice areas and interests. We’ve got you covered whether your favorite legal sources are law reviews, blogs, regulatory websites, magazines or newspapers Continue reading


iOrion for iPad and iPhone Accounced

Today Orion Law Management Systems, Inc., a leader in financial and practice management software for professional services firms, announced their newest product–iOrion®, an iOS-ready mobile app, at LegalTech New York. iOrion® is one of the most complete iOS-compatible apps available for Continue reading

Seriously Social: Using Social Media in Your iPractice

Heather Hale

Solo practitioner and iPad enthusiast Heather Hale, Esq.

by Heather Hale

Social media is increasingly recognized as an acceptable component of your marketing strategy in a professional context. The American Bar Association reports that ninety six (96) percent of lawyers are using LinkedIn and thirty eight (38) percent of lawyers are using Facebook for career development and networking. Where once these sites were reserved only for sharing baby pictures and commenting on that latte you just had, now Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter can be used as powerful tools to turbo charge your practice. And best of all, it can all happen amazingly close to real time with social media apps for a range of devices, including iPad of course.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding which form of social media to use for each task you hope to accomplish is to know your audience. Let’s start with the platform that each of you are most likely already on Continue reading

iPad in One Hour, Cloud Computing and Social Media for Lawyers

Get four wonderful books from two legal tech leaders when you win the Litigation iPad Survival Kit giveaway.

All four published by the American Bar Association, you’ll want to add these resources to your library: Continue reading

iCloth screen cleaner and Bamboo Stylus in Litigation iPad Survival Kit Giveaway

Today we look at the iCloth screen cleaning sanitizing wipes and the Bamboo Stylus duo both up for grabs in our “Litigation iPad Survival Kit” giveaway which continues to increase in value thanks to incredible partners.

Currently, our iPad Survival Kit is valued at more than $2,250.

The iCloth Premium Wipes instantly sanitizes while providing a streak-free clean to your iPad touchscreen. The individually wrapped wipes come in a 40 count desktop box ($14.49 value). For the mobile legal professional, you’ll want to throw a few in your briefcase and in the car for cleaning on the go!

Continue reading

One iPad case is never enough

Today we look at two very different iPad cases up for grabs in our “Litigation iPad Survival Kit” giveaway.

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is full of lots of shoes, boots, belts, scarves, purses and brief cases. My tech closet is getting pretty propped out as well. Cords, chargers, cases, keyboards, headphones, stylus and more. Different situations require different tech props. We are pleased to have in our iPad Survival Kit giveaway two cutting-edge approaches to partner with your iPad.

Happy App-ing: Top Three iPad Apps for your iPractice

Heather Hale

iPractitioner Heather Hale

by Heather Hale

As primary decision maker of any business, particularly a law firm, and especially a solo practice, my job is made significantly easier when someone else narrows down the choices for me. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available in iTunes these days it can be a daunting task for even the most tech-savvy among us to decide what’s useful and what’s not. Certainly there is some degree of trial and error (pun intended) to the process, and unfortunately for me, as a one-woman-show I rarely have the luxury of someone else narrowing it down. The good news for you is that you have me. Continue reading

Back to the future with Bob Ambrogi

Technology continues to impact the practice of law in ways perhaps even unimaginable just a few years ago. On October 1, 2012, Bob Ambrogi presented the “10 Ways Technology is Rewiring Law Practice” at the FirmFuture conference in Boston. In his slideshare presentation, he demonstrates how lawyers are more connected, mobile, versatile, virtual, economical, global and powerful while acknowledging clients are more selective and more demanding. View his original post at and watch his informative slideshare now:

Improve Legal Memo Writing with an App

You have heard us at LITIG8R TECH say it before, but it is so true. An app revolution is underway!  It seems every day a new legal specific app hits the market offering a new solution to old problems.

Recently, Stetson University College of Law Professor Dr. Kirsten K. Davis, along with her husband and app designer Chris Reich, joined the legal app revolution! Their app, My Legal Writing Coach MEMOS, assists you in writing a predictive or objective legal memo. The multi-platform app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is available now.

I had the opportunity to catch-up with Dr. Davis to discuss her new legal app. Continue reading