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Ease the process of complex writing projects with Scrivener

11106057-homepage-sliced_04by Ben Beasley

Scrivener is a writing application (for Mac and Windows) that combines a word processor with project management software, allowing you to create, structure, and edit any number of documents or reports within a single case file. The real benefit to lawyers is that you can also pull all research and client/case information into the same file. That is, Scrivener allows an attorney to keep all the information and content relevant to a particular client or area of law in the same place. Continue reading


Apps for Law Students

As the practice of law, like many businesses, becomes more mobile—indeed, some attorneys have even begun entirely virtual practicesattorneys are helped along by apps that can organize their documents, time and budgets.

Law students are also juggling time constraints, documents, and a (much smaller) budget. I was recently asked what apps I use to make my life easier. Here are four that I can’t live without: Continue reading

JuryStar 2.0 and JuryStar Law Student iPad Apps Released

JuryStar 2.0Litigator Technology today announced the release of JuryStar® 2.0 on the App Store.

Nominated as a 2012 Best Trial Prep iPad App by The National Law Journal, JuryStar offers a total alternative to the traditional juror assessment system, making it far easier to manage the jury selection process Continue reading

Improve Legal Memo Writing with an App

You have heard us at LITIG8R TECH say it before, but it is so true. An app revolution is underway!  It seems every day a new legal specific app hits the market offering a new solution to old problems.

Recently, Stetson University College of Law Professor Dr. Kirsten K. Davis, along with her husband and app designer Chris Reich, joined the legal app revolution! Their app, My Legal Writing Coach MEMOS, assists you in writing a predictive or objective legal memo. The multi-platform app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is available now.

I had the opportunity to catch-up with Dr. Davis to discuss her new legal app. Continue reading

Best Friends at the Bar: An interview with author Susan Smith Blakely

by Stephanie Martin

Best friends at the barThe position in which female law students and new attorneys find themselves at the current time is almost unprecedented. On top of the many normal pressures they and their peers face, these individuals face one of the worst employment climates for new attorneys. Along with those pressures, many of these young women also contemplate their future: their ascent to career success, their happiness in their personal lives, and their ability to balance it all.

Standing at such a crossroads, many of these young women may find themselves searching for a roadmap. Luckily, that roadmap has arrived, in the form of two books written by attorney Susan Smith Blakely. In her Best Friends at the Bar series, Ms. Blakely not only discusses her own experiences navigating the legal profession, but shares the experiences of many practitioners who have achieved success in their own rights. In What Women Need to Know About a Career in the Law, Blakely takes a high-level look at the opportunities and the challenges faced by women in the legal profession Continue reading