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Legal iPad App for eDiscovery announced

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 8.51.02 AMPress release | Denver, July 24, 2013 ESI Attorneys, a Denver-based law firm with a focus in eDiscovery and Information law, today announced the launch of eDiscovery Assistant(TM), the first legal iPad application designed to help lawyers conduct eDiscovery.

Developed by eDiscovery attorney Kelly Twigger, the app provides lawyers with the tools they need to develop a thoughtful approach to eDiscovery, which can be one of the most expensive elements of litigation. eDiscovery can also be daunting for law firms to adapt and get up to speed on – one of the leading reasons Twigger developed the app. Continue reading


Fireplug App offers Google Reader solution

From Brian Trautschold at The Fireplug Blog:Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.24.04 AM

“Google will kill a highly functional product with fanatically loyal users: Google Reader. From the burning ashes of its funeral pyre, we believe something new and unique can rise up. Not a replacement. Not a new version. A new way of reading and learning. Continue reading

The Best of LITIG8R TECH: Year One

TOP G8RIt is my pleasure to share with you our top 8 most popular posts during the past year of LITIG8R TECH:

8. Capture ideas on the go with Index Card for iPad, iPhone -This article written by recent law school graduate Ben Beasley is an accompanying piece to his most popular post and our #2 top post of all-time about the Scrivener app. Continue reading

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile for Lawyers

The ABA Journal published an article entitled “The Mobile Lawyer” where writer Joe Dysart acknowledges that mobile applications are pushing the legal sector forward:

While the format has its skeptics, mobile apps are revolutionizing the way law is being practiced in the U.S.—a trend that will only intensify this year, according to ardent supporters. Continue reading

Never leave anything behind: Chrome Remote Desktop

by Ben Beasley

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to login and access–with a secure connection–any computer you own (Mac, Windows, or Linux) that has the Chrome Web Browser and the Remote Desktop app installed. You can make your home or office computer available on a short-term basis for a specific purpose, such as remote tech-support, or on a long-term basis for an uncomplicated way to remotely access your computer’s files and applications. It works even if Continue reading

JuryStar’s MacLitigator Review

New Orleans attorney Jeff Richardson included in his latest “In the news” at iPhone J.D., a link to the MacLitigator article written by Utah attorney Pete Summerill reviewing jury selection apps. Much to our pleasant surprise, our jury selection app JuryStar was one of two apps originally featured in the post. Continue reading

MobiLit for iPad Snapshot

Caitlin "Cat" Moon

Caitlin “Cat” Moon

by Caitlin Moon

I just learned about MobiLit for iPad from the MyCase blog, and while I haven’t yet had a chance to test out it’s functionalities, it shows tremendous promise if it can do all that it claims, and do it well. With MobiLit, you can: Continue reading