Welcome to the LITIG8R TECH™ community created to provide helpful information, time-saving technology tips, budget-saving solutions, legal tech human interest stories and more. Our blog is geared for busy litigators, trial teams, future litigators and legal tech enthusiasts.

My name is  Nancy Patterson, and I am the editor of LITIG8R TECH and co-founder of Litigator Technology, a company my husband and I started in 2011. I invite you to learn about our contributors and subscribe to LITIG8R TECH in order to receive timely notifications when we post new content.

Would you like to become a contributor to LITIG8R TECH? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Litigator Technology and LITIG8R TECH are not associated with Apple, Inc. Litigator Technology belongs to link affiliate programs that provide our company a very small commission on sales from some of the product links on this site. We appreciate your support of LITIG8R TECH.

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