Fireplug App offers Google Reader solution

From Brian Trautschold at The Fireplug Blog:Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.24.04 AM

“Google will kill a highly functional product with fanatically loyal users: Google Reader. From the burning ashes of its funeral pyre, we believe something new and unique can rise up. Not a replacement. Not a new version. A new way of reading and learning.

We call this phoenix rising from the ashes Fireplug.

We’re building Fireplug not only for you to read, discover, and share amazing content – but our core mission is to give our users credit for reading, learning, and creating great content.

Today, everything you learn reading online is invisible. And that sucks. We believe by giving our users credit – we can quantify expertise and qualify authorities on subjects. Whether it is a programming language, your favorite sports team, industry techniques, or strategies for saving money. Fireplug can be your clearinghouse to establish subject expertise, and share that expertise with the world.

Not Klout. Not LinkedIn Endorsements. Fireplug gives users achievements and quantifies expertise based on actual content you’ve read.

Google Reader was one of the greatest tools to aggregate and deliver stories. Many have read thousands of articles via Google Reader, and in 18 days, it will disappear. But now, Fireplug is offering former Google Reader users the ability to keep all the credit they’ve earned by signing up for Fireplug.

We will analyze the stories you’ve read, and the knowledge you’ve gained can live on in Fireplug. Not to mention, we provide great new ways to discover content, must reads from other subject matter experts, and an easy way to read your favorite sources on both the web and iOS.

Sign up, get the credit you deserve, and become an expert. Fireplug welcomes you with open arms…”

Learn more and sign up by July 1st.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.12.03 AM

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