Do you believe in the American Jury System?

The Boston Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society and Boston Bar Association presented: Justice and the Jury Trial featuring:

  • The Honorable William G. Young, Judge, United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts
  • The Honorable Heidi Brieger, Associate Justice, Massachusetts Superior Court

Video published on Feb 19, 2013:

United States District Court Judge William G. Young and Massachusetts Superior Court Associate Justice Heidi Brieger joined the ACS Boston Lawyer Chapter for a discussion of changing litigation models and a unique opportunity for lawyers to engage in dialogue with the Bench.

Judge Young shared his observations on how different styles of adjudicating litigation can affect the outcomes of legal disputes, and Justice Brieger responded to his thoughts on current challenges related to the changes brought about by the emphasis on the administrative model of trials.

Formerly an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Justice Brieger provided a unique perspective as a recent litigator and now judge. Following their remarks, the judges posed questions to attendees and solicited thoughts on improving the courts.

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