Infographic: The Rise of Mobile for Lawyers

The ABA Journal published an article entitled “The Mobile Lawyer” where writer Joe Dysart acknowledges that mobile applications are pushing the legal sector forward:

While the format has its skeptics, mobile apps are revolutionizing the way law is being practiced in the U.S.—a trend that will only intensify this year, according to ardent supporters.

Dysart goes on to say:

Apps also have a reputation for appealing to an extremely specific need and no more—a welcome change for attorneys with little time for learning software overgrown with features they’ll never need.

App fanatics cite all sorts of reasons why they believe mobile is the future of law computing, but the ability of apps to technologically arm an attorney on the go continues to be one of the format’s greatest draws.

A recent infographic produced by the MyCase team validates with data the rise of mobile among lawyers. It shows that in 2012 89% of lawyers used a smartphone for law-related tasks away from work, and as reported on LITIG8R TECH last year, iPhone adoption among lawyers grew from 31 percent in 2011 to 44 percent in 2012. The MyCase infographic also shows 60% of lawyers reported using a tablet for work with 91% of tablet-users on an iPad.

MyCase Director Nicole Black understands that busy litigators need to be able to access their work while in court:

One of the most interesting statistics from the infographic is that 40% of lawyers surveyed access their legal practice management system via mobile while in court. This wasn’t surprising based on prior feedback from MyCase users, who often tell us that they’ve used their mobile devices to access documents stored in MyCase while in court to show proof that they were filed with the court or served upon opposing counsel.

No matter what type of practice you have, being able to access critical information when you need it is a requirement for the modern lawyer.



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