Never leave anything behind: Chrome Remote Desktop

by Ben Beasley

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to login and access–with a secure connection–any computer you own (Mac, Windows, or Linux) that has the Chrome Web Browser and the Remote Desktop app installed. You can make your home or office computer available on a short-term basis for a specific purpose, such as remote tech-support, or on a long-term basis for an uncomplicated way to remotely access your computer’s files and applications. It works even if you don’t have the Chrome browser running.

When you login, your shared computer’s desktop shows up in your web browser and you can use that computer just as if you were sitting in front of it.

Control all your computers from anywhere with Chrome

The real boon for an attorney is the ability to have complete remote access to your home or office computer and its software, essentially bringing that computer with you wherever you go. While there are a number of ways to share files via the cloud–Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, etc.–logging in with Remote Desktop also allows you to run any of the applications on the shared computer. For example, you can remotely use client database/management software that is installed only on your office computer, or access any of the files stored on your office network.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

“Fetch” all the files on your PC from any web browser using SkyDrive

If you are running a PC, you can use the SkyDrive desktop app’s “Fetch” feature to remotely access all of your files from any web browser, not just the files in your SkyDrive folder. To enable this feature, check “Let me use SkyDrive to fetch any on my file on this PC” in SkyDrive’s settings or check “Make files on this PC available to me on my other devices” when first installing. Once enabled, your PC will show up on the on the left hand side of the page when you login to SkyDrive from a web browser.

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