JuryStar’s MacLitigator Review

New Orleans attorney Jeff Richardson included in his latest “In the news” at iPhone J.D., a link to the MacLitigator article written by Utah attorney Pete Summerill reviewing jury selection apps. Much to our pleasant surprise, our jury selection app JuryStar was one of two apps originally featured in the post.

In his review, Summerill notes “JuryStar wins on feedback, ability to rate jurors during voir dire, and custom question template.” He elaborates on the functionality of the “Voir Dire” screen:

The slider compliments and makes possible open ended questions resulting in a more natural  information flow during of voir dire. As information is gathered and jurors rated, the rating summary at the bottom of the jury box changes to reflect the bias of the potential juror. For example, the rating for each area of questioning is displayed in the juror’s box, i.e. an abbreviation for SPD reflecting attitudes about special damages displays a number -5 through +5 and provides a total of all question areas at the bottom. The app also provides a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ button which changes the color of the box from yellow to red or green. JuryStar gives the lawyer an easy reference to raise strikes for cause and intelligently exercise peremptories.”

Summerill probably did not interface with the app long enough to discover the different methods of editing the jury pool, stating in his article that the undo button only works for “the last juror stricken” on the “Strike Jurors” screen. JuryStar allows the ease of striking not only one juror at a time but also more than one juror at time, and if you need to undo the most previous strike (be it one juror or a group of selected jurors), the “Undo” button provides one generation of “Undo” for either the one or group of jurors you just struck. JuryStar was designed to be flexible, and it is ALWAYS possible to edit the jury pool. Always.

His observation about the “learning curve” required for JuryStar is accurate, in that our unique features require time to build familiarity. With this in mind, in a comment thread I left on MacLitigator earlier this evening, I offered Mr. Summerill, and any of our JuryStar clients, a complimentary Skype demonstration. In about 15 minutes, we can walk through each of our five screens–providing tips, highlighting best practices and sharing solutions our power users have come to trust in JuryStar.

We appreciate MacLitigator’s review, and we are excited to be a part of pushing the jury selection app category forward for the modern litigator.

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