MobiLit for iPad Snapshot

Caitlin "Cat" Moon

Caitlin “Cat” Moon

by Caitlin Moon

I just learned about MobiLit for iPad from the MyCase blog, and while I haven’t yet had a chance to test out it’s functionalities, it shows tremendous promise if it can do all that it claims, and do it well. With MobiLit, you can:

  • import a variety of file types via Dropbox, iTunes, iBooks or email
  • connect and present to a ‘myriad’ of iPads via any wireless or ad hoc network
  • annotate while presenting: call-out, highlight, underline, draw, rotate, juxtapose documents side-by-side

The developer says that MobiLit is for “[a]ny situation that involves the presentation or discussion of materials with documents or images.” The presenter needs the full MobiLit app, and viewers need the MobiLit Viewer.

MobiLit reminds me of Idea Flight — but that app doesn’t have the editing component of MobiLit. With Idea Flight you can share a presentation across multiple iPads (the Idea Flight Passengers), but not annotate the actual images or documents as you go. I like the idea of MobiLit, and if my test-drive proves its capabilities, I may use it in the next iPad workshop for iLaw Practice. I’ll check back in with a review soon.

This is a great app for the money. It does everything as advertised. Using the free companion app on other iPads, I am able to work with documents and other materials that I can display and annotate whole others simultaneously view the same images on other iPads over Wi-Fi. I have only begun to think of the number of possible uses of this app in my law practice and in the court room.” – Stephan Futeral, Trial attorney (and app developer)

MobiLit and MobiLit Viewer are available on the App Store.

From the MobiLit developer’s website: They have another app coming soon, AdmitIT, developed to keep a record of witness examinations and exhibits used.


MobiLit screen shot showing clean, simple design.

Another MobiLit screenshot-this one shows some of the tools available.

Another MobiLit screenshot-this one shows some of the tools available.



  1. Alex Fruehsamer

    Hi Caitlin, thanks for the post! I am one of the creators of MobiLit and I’m so happy to see people are excited about the app. Have you had a chance to run MobiLit through the paces? We are always curious to get people’s feedback about it and are constantly devoted to improving MobiLit!

  2. c2law

    Hi, Alex! Many thanks for the comment! I have not yet had a chance to put MobiLit ‘through the paces,’ but am hoping to do so later this month in a workshop. I’m glad to share some feedback directly, and will be writing a follow-up post. I appreciate your interest in my experience with the app – sign of a good developer. 🙂

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