Capture ideas on the go with Index Card for iPad, iPhone

by Ben Beasley

As an accompanying piece to my Scrivener article on February 25, I also wanted to mention Index Card, an idea-organization app available for the iPad and iPhone that syncs with Scrivener, making for an extremely versatile and inexpensive way of managing your ideas and writing on the go and then back at the office.

Here are a couple of Index Card screenshots displaying the corkboard design:

mzl.krnskvrr.480x480-75     mzl.qwxdzwfu.480x480-75

From the comments thread of my article, attorney and author Scott Grossberg shared that the Scrivener and Index Card combination remain his “writing tools of choice!”

Here’s more from Grossberg:

I think many would find these tools to add massive value and flexibility to their current workflow. I even use these tools for drafting lengthy email messages! And Index Card is what I use as my primary book and article first draft tool.”

You can read more about Index Card on the developer’s website or in the iTunes store.

More from the Index Card app developer: Rich Notes for the iPad and iPhone is a quick and intuitive note taking app with text formatting, password protection and extended keyboard.

UPDATE 2:05 p.m., 3/1/2013: Added a link to direct to Scrivener developer website.



  1. scottgrossberg

    So there is no confusion as to the app we are talking about, it is “Index Card” by DenVog, LLC. I also use the iPhone version for easy access across iOS devices. Index Card allows you to: (1) export as RTF or Plain Text, (2) copy projects to Dropbox (among other sharing options), (3) email projects, (4) sync with Scrivener, (5) present on an external HDMI display, and (6) print from your iPad using an AirPrint enable printer.

    • Litig8rTech

      Thanks for the clarification and tips Scott. The Index Card website link in this article directs you to the California-based app developer site of DenVog. The Scrivener link I just added above takes you to the Cornwall, England-based software company website of Literature and Latte.

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