Curated Legal Intelligence by Ratchet Law App

ratchetlogoReleased on the app store yesterday, Ratchet Law delivers the legal news that matters to you in an iPad application.

Highlights from the app store description:

Ratchet Law does the work for you by analyzing thousands of top legal news sources to find the most relevant and interesting articles for your practice areas and interests. We’ve got you covered whether your favorite legal sources are law reviews, blogs, regulatory websites, magazines or newspapers. With dozens of categories to choose from, you can personalize Ratchet Law just the way you like.


Ratchet Law is an ideal app for busy legal professionals to see content they care about in one place. The iPad app gives users the option to customize the content they see by categories of interest and includes features to save articles, share them via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email and to view the article from the original source.

You can also give articles you read a thumbs up or thumbs down rating, and there is a viewing tool in the upper right hand of the screen (indicated by the letter A) that lets you choose small, medium or large font size to meet your individual needs.

Ratchet Law has a solid start, and it will be exciting to see the new content they add over time.

See additional screen shots and download the app from iTunes here.

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