The latest update from JuryStar for iPad

JuryStar iPad app“Jury Star 2.0 is head and shoulders above any other app or program for selecting juries. JuryStar is practical, much more flexible and user friendly.” -Lary Sisson, Mimura Law Office

In case you missed it, last month, another major update rolled out for JuryStar.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new in our jury selection iPad app.

New in JuryStar 2.0.1:

  • Ability to edit the title of a trial
  • Icons to indicate Male /Female
  • Added “Previous” and “Next” buttons to the on-screen keyboard when in Juror Info window for quicker data entry
  • New light gray Status Bar for each cell appears once Voir Dire ratings commence
  • Summary total of juror ratings display in the new Status Bar for quicker assessment
  • Ability to quickly change cell color to indicate that you Like (light green cell) or Dislike (light red cell) potential juror from either the Juror Info window or Voir Dire screen (see image).
  • Default cell color changed to light yellow
  • Ability to Strike Jurors while in full screen mode (see bottom image)
JuryStar 2.0.1 Voir DIre Screen

JuryStar 2.0.1 Voir DIre Screen

And of course, our dependable features:

  • Dynamic and customizable seating capacity with double-digit rows and columns
  • Display panel by either juror number only or juror number & last name.
  • Full screen view of your customized seating matrix displays up to 8 rows of 8 seats at once while offering an easy scroll to the left, right, up or down.
  • Record basic demographic data about each potential juror and custom info including an asterisked Notes field to hold a particularly weighty piece of info, indicated by a red asterick on the left corner of the gray status bar
  • A huge time-saver, especially for the high-volume trial attorney, is the new “Choose topic” library that will save both the topics and associated questions for each trial making it easy to reuse/tweak topics and questions used in similar cases.
  • Quickly conduct individual and group voir dire with a simplified slider to rate positive or negative responses on a scale from -5 to +5 reflected on digital sticky notes
  • Ability to strike one and more than one juror at the same time.
  • Video tutorial makes it easy to learn JuryStar and provides a quick refresher between trials.

We are thankful to have trial teams across the country already enjoying the benefits of JuryStar. Have you downloaded JuryStar yet? If not, try JuryStar today!


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