Apps for a Road Trip & Memorable Legal Vanity License Plates

Any good Thanksgiving road trip deserves a new app or two to help pass the time! The Pianist Pro app my husband downloaded was the big hit with our son, and our daughter enjoyed the Gymtastic by American Girl app! I discovered an app called the License Plate Game which got me thinking about legal vanity tags and inspired this post. For a little fun, here are some memorable legal vanity license plates I found online:

  • From California: NTGUILTY
  • From Arizona: ICNVCTU
  • From Georgia: ISUE4U
  • From California: DEFENDM
  • From Ohio: I ACQUIT
  • From Wisconsin: I OBJCT
  • From Texas: WE DFND
  • From Pennsylvania: LITAG8R

A special thanks goes out to Sarah Randag who wrote What’s the best lawyer vanity license plate you’ve seen? which provided great content for this post! I’d also like to thank John Browning with the Rockwall Herald Banner for his additions to our list as well.

Do you have any road trip app recommendations? And what’s the most memorable legal vanity tag you’ve heard of or seen?

Nancy Patterson

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