The Best of LITIG8R TECH

It is my pleasure to share with you our top 8 most popular posts since we launched LITIG8R TECH in June of this year:

8. Happy App-ing: Top Three iPad Apps for your iPractice -by Atlanta-area solo practitioner Heather Hale.

7. Touchtype portrait mode, Brydge your iPad plus other keyboard solutions -This article offers iPad keyboard solutions and links to online threads on this popular topic.

6. iPractice: 16 Tips and Apps for Lawyers with iPhones and iPads -Highlights from Tom Mighell and Paul Unger’s “Developing Your iPractice” session at the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting.

5. The back story on -My interview with President David Schnurman.

4. Solo But Not Alone: iPad as Personal Assistant -Heather Hale on using an iPad to be more productive at work.

3. Theme-based Voir Dire -Trial lawyer and consultant Russell Humphrey on why you should persuade a jury.

2. Litigation iPad Survival Kit Giveaway -Our first-ever “Litigation iPad Survival Kit Giveaway” was a ton of fun!

1. Apps for Litigators & Trial Teams -Our growing mobile resource of Litigator apps tops our top 8 list again.

To help celebrate this season of Thanksgiving, I’d like to share one of my favorite George Winston songs: Thanksgiving. We at LITIG8R TECH are thankful you have joined our new online community.

– Nancy Patterson

The TOP G8R is a periodic top 8 list series brought to you by LITIG8R TECH.

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