A Mini Review of the iPad Mini: Diggin’ it!

The iPad mini delivers a fully functional, better-than-my-iPhone kind of experience. In just a few days, I’ve used my new iPad mini with most of my favorite apps, and I am pleased to report I’m diggin’ it!

As you’ll notice from my photo, the entire width of the iPad mini fits happily and securely in the palm of my hand. I did start to use the split version of the on-screen keyboard more than I do with my full-sized iPad, but you would expect this on the smaller screen, especially when in landscape mode.

What truly separates the iPad mini from the rest of the similar-sized competition is the app ecosytem.

To be clear, I develop iPad apps for litigators, and our clients love the iPad as much as we do. But the iPad has only been around since 2010, and just in the past three to six months, many of my favorite iPad apps have been muscled out with features that make them invaluable work – life digital companions. Having access to these native iPad apps on two different-sized devices is convenient. The iPad mini is ideal for reading emails, reviewing documents, watching videos and browsing online. And TechnoLawyer’s Neil Squillante is spot on that the iPad mini is perfectly suited for note-taking.

I do think the mini will impact my iPhone use but it compliments–not replaces–my full-sized iPads. I see some interesting use-case scenarios of driving both an iPad and iPad mini together for improved work flow, and in the coming weeks and months, I look forward to putting this concept to the test. Here’s a memorable example of dual use:

If you have an iPad mini, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Nancy Patterson


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