JuryStar 2.0 and JuryStar Law Student iPad Apps Released

JuryStar 2.0Litigator Technology today announced the release of JuryStar® 2.0 on the App Store.

Nominated as a 2012 Best Trial Prep iPad App by The National Law Journal, JuryStar offers a total alternative to the traditional juror assessment system, making it far easier to manage the jury selection process and to make the best possible strike decisions. The brainchild of a trial attorney with experience in more than 50 juries and fine-tuned with the help of dozens of other litigators, JuryStar eliminates the need to fumble with scribbled sticky notes and scads of other papers during jury selection.

Sample reaction to JuryStar from current clients:

I am a user of JuryStar and think it is the best legal application on the market. JuryStar lets me focus on what’s important. I had an opportunity to start using JuryStar 2.0, and the update is phenomenal. I honestly believe that any attorney not using JuryStar is starting off behind the 8 ball. Thank you so much for all of your assistance and this great program.” -Travis S., a criminal defense attorney in Hawaii for more than 20 years

“I am a trial lawyer practicing in the Washington, DC Superior Court. We deal with a large volume of jury trials. JuryStar is excellent for its ability to save various trials along with recorded strikes of the parties and court, in addition to the abbreviated ratings of each juror.” -Charles Allen, Esq.

What’s New in JuryStar 2.0
JuryStar 2.0 offers an improved user interface designed with a minimalist approach while adding new features recommended by trial teams that have already benefited from JuryStar. A video tutorial inside the app makes it easy to learn how to use JuryStar or teach an associate or paralegal, and also provides a quick refresher course to JuryStar clients between trials.

JuryStar offers a dynamic and customizable seating capacity with double-digit rows and columns as well as a full screen view of a customized seating matrix. The seating matrix displays up to 8 rows of 8 seats at once while offering an easy scroll to the left, right, up or down to see all seats.

A huge time-saver, especially for the high-volume trial attorney, is the new “Choose topic” library that will save both the topics and associated questions for each trial making it easy to access topics and questions used in similar cases.

Trial teams will enjoy the ability to quickly conduct individual and group voir dire with a simplified rating method using positive or negative numbers on a scale from -5 to +5 as well as the ability to strike one or more than one juror at the same time.

JuryStar is available in the iPad App Store for $39.99. For more information about JuryStar iPad app including screen shots, please visit the App Store.

Introducing JuryStar Law Student
Litigator Technology also re-released  the original JuryStar as JuryStar Law Student, offering a modern approach to learn how to conduct voir dire. JuryStar Law Student provides law school students “best practices” design for voir dire preparation with a qualitative rating system for multiple issues that may pertain to a single case. JuryStar Law Student is available in the iPad App Store for $9.99, and educational discounts are available.

– Nancy Patterson

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