iPad Trajectory: What’s next?

I will not muse about “the next iPad,” the iPad mini, the iPad Air (my personal favorite concept!) or the iPad 4. Instead, I will look at a few of the ways Apple is strengthening its mobile muscle even more by leveraging additional productivity features to the iPad–with and without the help of strategic friends.

I know. The much anticipated iPhone 5 launch just happened, so why in the world am I writing about iPads? Well, during the last several weeks I have been experimenting with using two iPad devices simultaneously and it made me wonder if this dual use was something Apple had anticipated from the beginning.


An app our company has on the App Store is being used by a trial team to benefit their jury selection process in ways we never imagined. Inspiring to see! Therefore, it seems both plausible and possible that Apple did not expect gadget lovers like me using multiple tablets at once.

Maybe not.

Several recent technology patent applications provide a glimpse of what may one day hit the market, including a feature that allows a Smart Cover to act not only as a keyboard but apply the same touchscreen technology from the second screen—looks a lot like two iPads! As an occasional user of dual iPads, the concept of two touchscreens integrated into one device is beyond appealing. My typical use for driving two iPads is when I am reviewing a large PDF document in iBooks while creating content on the other iPad.

A recently granted patent shows a ‘peek mode’ to activate the screen in segments as the cover is revealed. Although I do not use a Smart Cover, this feature sounds clever as well.

Finally, a company called Hookflash has provided a preview of their new LinkedIn video-meets-phone-meets-iPad product Hookflash DOCK–yet another innovative way the iPad provides a better way to communicate and interact. The Hookflash iPad app is available on the App Store.

Hookflash iPad Dock Station

Miles Austin from FillTheCenter.com talks about the hookflash DOCK:

That’s right – your iPad snaps right into the docking station and now you’ve got a whole new way to enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn, Hookflash and your iPad.  Trent Johnson, CEO of Hookflash told me to expect this in the market by January of 2013. The team at Hookflash has a great vision for where this technology is going in the near future. I would recommend keeping an eye on what they are doing…”

What do you think is in store for the iPad?

– Nancy Patterson


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