Touchtype portrait mode, Brydge your iPad plus other keyboard solutions

UPDATE October 4, 2012: When a client was recently looking for solutions to heavy typing in iPad portrait mode, I researched and discovered the Touchtype: A Case for both your iPad and the Apple Wireless full-size keyboard by Salman Sajid. The Touchtype boasts a super thin design and allows the full-size Apple keyboard to be hidden for when you want total touchscreen functionality, as well as the ability to have your device in either landscape or portrait positions when using the keyboard. The portrait feature truly sets this case apart. For heavy typing and data entry, the iPad portrait mode helps differentiate your tablet from a laptop. The case comes in “three flavors” including the attractive “wild espresso.” Touchtype launched a Kickstarter campaign for $2,500 on May 8, 2012, and had raised $45,749 by June 7th.


Go. Do. More. On your iPad!

I had the opportunity to attend the “Developing Your iPractice: How Lawyers are using the iPhone and iPad” session at the recent ABA Annual Meeting presented by iPad gurus Tom Mighell and Paul Unger [highlights of their jam-packed session on LITIG8R TECH]. During the iPractice session, a young lawyer from Georgia recommended to the attendees that we keep an eye on the new Brydge keyboard for iPad. Here is a virtual high-five to Heather Hale for the suggestion! I have done some research on the Brydge, and it looks promising!

Brydges pre-ordered in August will be delivered in October, 2012. It is worth noting the Brydge team exceeded their $90,000 Kickstarter goal by more than $700,000 and clearly is hard at work building thousands of already promised keyboards.

Recent reviews and threads about other noteworthy iPad keyboard solutions:

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– Nancy Patterson


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