2012 Lawconomy CLE Conference presented by Lawline.com

Ben Stein Are we headed for another economic collapse? Join keynote speaker Ben Stein, with vital insights from experts Roger Arnold, Chief Economist for ALM Advisors, and Dr. Bart A. Basi, Business Law Specialist, for the Lawconomy CLE Conference, Wednesday, October 17, 6-9 p.m. (EST) to explore ‘A Global Analysis of Key Laws Affecting the Economy in the 2012 Election Year.’ The Conference will be held at The New York Institute of Technology, 1871 Broadway, New York, NY 10023.

Lawline.com Course Description:
The current state of the economy is arguably the most important issue of the 2012 Election. The entire nation is watching as each candidate postures to improve the financial situation of all Americans across the country – from blue collar workers to legal professionals. Join us for LAWCONOMY, a Continuing Legal Education Conference with some of the country’s sharpest legal and business minds collaborating together to provide an in-depth look at the economic impact on real estate, small businesses and everyone. Our presenters include Economist Roger Arnold who will discuss the recent housing crisis, how it happened, ways we could have prevented it and how the U.S. economy fares as compared the the international economies. Following him will be CPA and Attorney Dr. Bart Basi who will provide helpful insights into the significant sections of the U.S. Tax Law and the potential long term effect on businesses and individuals. Finally the evening will conclude with Emmy-Winning host of Win Ben Stein’s Money, Ben Stein. Ben Stein will leave you learning, laughing and, at times, crying, in his thought-provoking presentation on the true status of our national economic climate. Specifically, he will share his thoughts on the various impacts resulting from recent and upcoming legislation and offer his analysis and predictions for the future. Do not miss this highly informative discussion that will keep guests entertained while also answering all the questions on the economy and how it affects business owners and legal practitioners nationwide.

Attend Live Event ($199) or participate in the Live Webcast ($149). Groups of five or more should call 877-518-0660 or email jeff@lawline.com for more information. CLE credit is currently available for: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is not included in Unlimited and Lifetime Subscriptions. If attending in person, please print and bring your ticket to the event.

Learn more and register for the live event at Lawline.com.

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– Nancy Patterson

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