Duo juice pack for mobile legal professionals

mophie duo juice pack

Apple Store Michigan AvenueWhile attending the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, by late afternoon I was hunting for available outlets to charge my iPhone and iPad. I was not alone! Being out and about for 12-14 hours a day can make it difficult to keep our important mobile devices powered.

I found a solution at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue. The Mophie Juice Pack Universal PowerStation Duo will charge up to two devices at a time. When you factor in the two USB cords to charge two devices (which do not come with the charger), I recommend either a briefcase or purse to safely stow away your not-in-use juice pack station. Please be sure to keep your in-use juice pack out in the open to avoid over-heating, per user manual.

Features include:

  • Dual-charging USB ports
  • Built-in short circuit with overcharge protection
  • Super high-current for hours of charging on the go
  • $99.95

TIP: When charging both your iPhone and iPad, plug in your iPad first to take advantage of the primary high current to your larger battery device.

If you live in a city without an Apple Store, you may want to check it out online: Mophie Juice Pack Universal PowerStation Duo Quick Charge External Battery for smartphones, tablets and more.

– Nancy Patterson

This marks the second in a series of articles inspired by events and continuing legal education sessions I recently attended during the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.   – Nancy Patterson of LITIG8R TECH

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