8 thought-provoking legal infographics

Welcome to The TOP G8R, our periodic top 8 list series. Today we look at 8 thought-provoking legal infographics:

8. We the plaintiffs-A closer look at America’s obsession with lawsuits:

Update 7/23/12: An additional perspective on “We the plaintiffs” by the Center for Justice Democracy at New York Law School.

(Click to enlarge)

We the Plaintiffs Infographic
Source: eLocalLawyers.com

7. Social media in the legal sector

6. Crime scene science: The modern methods for solving crime (2011)

(Click to enlarge)

Crime Scene Science Infographic
Source: eLocalLawyers.com

5. United States Presidential Lawyers:

Presidential Lawyers
Presidential Lawyer Infographic brought to you by: how-to-become-a-lawyer.com

4. The Law School Bubble:

Law School Bubble
From: The Best Colleges

3. Crimes and punishments through time:

(Click to enlarge)

Crimes and punishments through time
Source: eLocalLawyers.com

2. DWI: Driving while intexticated:

DWI: Driving While Intexticated
Courtesy of: Online Schools

1. Most influential legal cases of the last century:

Influential Legal Case from Totalbankruptcy.com

Infographics are an effective way to disseminate content to various audiences, and they are particularly handy in sharing across multiple social media channels. If you have a thought-provoking legal infographic you would like to share, please post the link in the comments below or contact us.

– Nancy Patterson

The top g8r


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