Accessible Jury Consulting

While hiring a jury consultant can be a budget consideration, the value is never clearer than when a client should have retained one but could not because of cost. Web Jury Consulting, through a revolutionary partnership with DecisionQuest, the largest and most respected jury consulting firm in the U.S., is bringing the valuable services of professional trial consultants to the cases of clients who would otherwise be unable to retain such expertise.

DecisionQuest is a household name, and I had confidence in using the [web jury consulting] service as a result. Our DecisionQuest consultant was helpful, providing insightful information… and I will use the service again.” Ted Holt, Maynard, Cooper & Gale: Ranked “Top Law Firm” by Fortune Magazine (2012).

Mr. Holt represents insurance companies, financial services companies, and oil and gas production, exploration and transportation companies, in a variety of fraud, contract, personal injury and commercial disputes. Mr. Holt has experience in both mass and class actions. He has successfully defended the Firm’s clients in state and federal Courts in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.

In 2011, Litigator Technology launched a partnership with DecisionQuest to establish a Web Jury Consulting Program geared to make the nation’s leading jury consultants easily accessible to all trial lawyers. Litigator Technology has procured an exclusive arrangement with DecisionQuest to offer a limited number of one-hour teleconsults at a discounted rate, available only through

Web Jury Consulting is available using a simple process of filling out a quick online form to schedule your one-hour teleconsult and make a secure online payment of $200/hour using either a credit card or PayPal account.  The DecisionQuest professional will be available to discuss case theory, estimations of liability, opening and closing statements, jury selection techniques, presentation suggestions, dealing with witness challenges, case-specific issues and more.

“We’re thrilled that the partnership with Litigator Technology makes our services more accessible than ever,” said Dr. Philip K. Anthony, CEO of DecisionQuest. “Jury consulting is invaluable to securing a strong advantage in the courtroom; the amount of information you can glean to help your client in one hour can truly make the difference in your case outcome.”

The National Law Journal (NLJ) announced in May that it has named DecisionQuest “Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Firm” and “Best Intellectual Property Litigation Consulting” firm in the publication’s first annual Best of The National Law Journal survey of legal support service professionals. DecisionQuest is the nation’s leading trial consulting firm, assisting clients through the expert use of the art of persuasion – using research, visual communications, strategic communications, and social media analysis. Over the past 30 years, its principals have been retained in more than 18,000 high-risk engagements nationwide. As providers of trial consulting and visual communications services to Fortune 1000 companies, DecisionQuest’s core capabilities include testing and developing case strategies; witness evaluation and preparation; community attitude survey analysis; jury selection; strategic demonstrative exhibits; trial presentation assistance; and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) strategic consulting. DecisionQuest has more than 100 employees in 10 offices helping attorneys realize the best case scenario.

If you have questions before or after you purchase Web Jury Consulting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nancy Patterson


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    Online litigation consulting seems to be good idea. I really appreciate your efforts as Jury consulting help clients make the right decisions.

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