iPad case with swivel handle is FUNctional

We at Litig8r Tech love our iPad! I know, I know! Big. Surprise. But seriously, we cannot imagine a more practical extension to our home and work life than the magical, feature-packed mobility delivered in an iPad. With its many wonderful apps and accessories, the iPad is more than life-enhancing, it is life-changing.

Today, and in the future, we will periodically feature our favorite iPad apps and accessories on LITIG8R TECH. First up, a fun and functional iPad case by US+U that rotates 360° in the palm of your hand.

According to US+U, their Chattanooga-based company was started with a firm commitment and a promise to create imaginative, well-designed products while doing good deeds with a portion of the revenue going to deserving charitable organizations.

Meet UsPlusU.com and three of their revolutionary swivel iPad cases with its patent-pending rotating handle:

Solo panel case with swivel:

Double-sided case with swivel:

Muscled-out three-panel version with swivel:

I purchased my husband the muscled-out three-panel version, and despite the company website saying this version is only suited for iPad 1, I am pleased to report when he upgraded to an iPad 3, it fit happily inside the three-panel Swivel Pro! I am sure the #1 reason the company does not recommend this case for the iPad 2 or 3 is due to the lack of opening on the case for the added back camera. But this is the only three-panel variety they have, and it is easy to remove the case when you want to use the back camera. It’s good to have options!

The two- and three-panel cases have a flesh-mounted kickstand for easy typing, pen/styllus holder, handy pocket of some sort and a hinge that provides viewing at several angles. The company will also custom-logo the cases. Simply contact them directly to find out more about the embroidery process and pricing. The company told me it’s simple and adds about two weeks to your delivery time. Samples of embroidered cases can be seen here.

Like what you see or want to learn more about these feature-packed cases? Then hop on over to Us+U! It is our pleasure to feature this locally-designed iPad app accessory from a very hip, cool and creative company in our neck of the woods!

Would you like us to review your iPad app or accessory? If so, please send us your suggestions here.

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